Don’t let the Dream Die


So many of us have dreams of succeeding by pursuing and exploring something born within us. For myself my dreams are to write my children’s books, to finish a work I have begun with friends and to open my own shop one day just to name a few.

My husband has shared his dreams with me over the years as well as my friends and family. The interesting thing about dreams, there is an ebb and flow to them while you wait for the fruition. There are times that your dream is on fire, burning within you and you take steps towards achieving your hearts desire. Then life happens, distractions may come, or in my case illness arises and then your dream goes dormant for a while. The embers are still burning but the dream is not being stoked and tended to for a season. If left for too long and forgotten the dream may even die.

However, the interesting thing with dreams the second you take time to acknowledge them, and get other things out-of-the-way, that fire ignites again and burns even brighter.

I find these seasons of dormancy give me a clearer picture of how to obtain the reality of my dream. I gain more direction, I reflect on what worked or did not work and I research more once the light is reignited. Sometimes when we have worked for our dreams and we don’t see the immediate results we will lay it down again. Rather than getting discouraged that I laid down those dreams, I am going to reflect on the fact that I am at this moment closer to obtaining my dream than I have ever have been in history. Why? Because I have learned much and today is a new day. I will not let go of what has been promised to me. I will WORK towards that goal. A dream that is part of our life plan should never be allowed to die completely. Take the time to reflect on those dreams that would spark such passion and excitement in you.  For once a dreamer always a dreamer you will be. You just have to begin again.


A scripture the Lord gave me years ago, regarding some dreams on my heart that had been left to die….
Jeremiah 33:3-  ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’



Reunited and SO BLESSED


Awhile ago, a friend and I were going through rough seas at the same time. At the time I felt she no longer needed me around or wanted me around, I let go of the friendship.  Yet, she felt deserted by me and didn’t reach out because she felt I wasn’t there when she needed me the most. We were both hurt and felt forgotten and unloved. YET at the same time, neither one of us were feeling the way that the other ‘thought’ we were feeling.

We both let go of something so very dear to us, because of how we were feeling in the moment. We both know that emotions can get in the way of truth, yet while we were broken and tore down in other areas of our lives we had been left vulnerable to the enemy and his lies.

Today is a new day and I had seen this very dear friend for the first time in too long. I tell you something just clicked the minute we were together. A part of my soul that was empty was overflowing once again. Clearly there was a place in my life that only she could fill and I had missed her dearly.

I have learned so much in this season, and would not trade those lessons, as I feel I will be a better friend. However, I would remove her heartache she experienced if I could.
I thank the Lord for the way He has grown me. To love and connect is so important and I don’t open myself to very many. When there is that heart connect I need to fight to keep it strong.

There is a great value in those deep relationships as women age and lean on one another. I am a very blessed person in deed with deep meaningful relationships, and even with all the Lord has been doing, I never could forget that heart sister that was missing for a season. We have been reunited and I am so blessed. I will not take this lady for granted ever again. Sometimes you truly don’t know what you have until it is gone. Thankfully this was a season that she was gone but not lost forever.

So blessed by grace, mercy and love of a valuable sister 🙂


In the wee hours of the morning, I woke to what sounded like emergency vehicle sirens. This is not an unusual sound around my house, as I live on a busy HWY. But the sound was not ceasing. After a while I left my room to see if I actually was hearing sirens, as they sounded off in the distance and were not getting louder, just constant. As soon as I left my room the sound was gone. I laid my head back on the pillow to rest and the siren started again. I asked the Lord, ‘what is with the siren?’ and I felt my spirit leap, it is time to pray for those that are in danger of missing my call or in the midst of attacks of the enemy. So I began to pray. I only had one on my heart when I began and I prayed for them. Then the siren sounded again. I prayed and then again a siren would sound. This went on for some time. Then I realized the siren had gone. I was able to rest my head and with peace, sleep again.

This is a new experience for me and let me tell you the crazy thing. Lately I have been having my own struggles. Much of the time I have been pushing the Lord down and away as I have been frustrated and just restless in my own walk. I have asked and asked and pleaded with the Lord for certain areas and I feel the silence is all I receive. I know this is a horrible thing to say for a christian, but even in pursuing He seemed so silent I hadn’t wanted to continue at times. But let’s be real, it is something many deal with, I know I am not alone. There are often those seasons of wilderness and from that comes growth.

I just find it amazing that in my season of silence, He made himself known and called me out. He called me to seek Him and to pray. When I had began to wonder why I was not hearing from Him, He showed me, I still do. He is taking me to new territory, more precise territory. I will listen and I will call out. I shudder to think of not answering those emergency calls. For  I know how faithful He has been to hear me in my darkest deepest hour. He has given me a voice to cry out for those that won’t cry out for themselves. To seek their survival despite their deaf ears. Oh Lord He who has ears LET HIM HEAR.

My cry today,  ” Let it be me Lord, that does not miss your call. I have wondered the wilderness long enough and don’t want to lay in a land that is barren.”

When you feel a tugging my friend on your heart or a desperate cry in your very being, that is the Lord calling you to Him. Give a listen. Today may be your day for new territory.

Will you return to your mess?

Proverbs 26:11
As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.

A few weeks ago this scripture came to me so clearly at church.

Why is it that we can gain victory in an area of our lives, only to open up the door for the enemy all over again? Often times, it is harder to break away the second , third or eighth time, when that door has been opened.

For myself I find if I keep opening the door again and again, it is because the root of the sin has not been dealt with. I will stop sinning in my bitterness, anger, gluttony, worry or whatever it is for a season, but I have not completely rid myself of it. So it sits below the surface and fester, waiting for another onslaught to rear its ugly head. The temptation will rise and I will entertain it rather than cutting it off at the root.

It has been time to CUT off that sin. Walk away from it. Turn away and change. This is what repentance really means. To turn away from. I can’t keep picking the same old hurtful habits back up again and again and expect a different result.

I do not want to be as a dog returning to its nasty vomit. I do not want to be the fool returning to my folly that drags me down and steals my life and abundant joy.

My prayer today is the Lord makes every hidden thing abundantly clear to me so that I will not miss the areas that are lurking. That He will continue to give me strength to walk in HIM and not my own ways of self-destruction. I was created to be more than a fool.





A tangled mess

When a fisherman casts his pole and he doesn’t stop the line quick enough, the whole line can backlash and he is left with a tangled mess, my dad called it a bird’s nest.

It reminds me of casting my cares to the Lord, I send them out there and if I do not stop my mind on HIM, just as if I was to stop the line where it needs to be in the water, we can be left with a tangled mess.

When I am struggling in life with all the many thoughts that may try to steal my joy, I can cast them to the Lord, but if I don’t stop and let them dwell with Him, I will be consumed with the nest in front of me that was created by dwelling on the trials. I am told to cast ALL my cares and burdens onto the Lord. Stop, leave it there.

Yet there were times I didn’t stop. I set that burden out there to the Lord but I didn’t let it rest on him…. I kept dwelling on it. I let that line of thought begin to turn negative, then my joy was depleated, I turned angry, I was short with those around me and it was just a nasty tangled mess.

My emotions, when I am left with my tangled disaster in front of me, are now the only thing I will focus on. The situation has fully taken over, and here I am left with a mound of line, trying to untangle one section at a time, trying to sort it all out and fix it, but it is overwhelming to look at ! Then I hear God so clearly saying, “JUST CUT IT OFF!”

I do not have to try to pull each and every tangle out. I don’t have to try to fix every mess that my thoughts created. I can cut off those negative thoughts, stringing the line of connection to my Jesus. Recast the burden to Him and STOP. Stop right there, the burden goes to Him, I can let the line sit and rest until “WAM” I am reeling in the victory He had for me on the other end of that line.  While I waited on Him, He was just and faithful to give me my peace.

Just a thought for today. My mind is so consumed with this image, I am not sure the words conveyed it well. But I wanted to get the words down for now and I will revisit to see if a rewrite will be necessary.

Blessings my friends~
Remember….Cast your cares and burdens onto the Lord.

(KJV) 1 Peter 5:7- Casting all Your cares upon Him for He careth for you.


God is SO good. Years ago, in my deepest depression, I cut out so many friends in my life.

I could barely stay above water with my own families needs, and honestly as much as they would have brought greatness to the season, I just could not juggle friends, family and self. Also, it was a part of the suicidal process, to cut people off. I now recognize that and see it all for the lie that it was. Mind you this was YEARS ago! So family do not fear lol.

To be honest when I saw my fullness of Joy and God reached me in the depths, it was very embarrassing to reach out to those that I let fade behind when God fully restored me. I knew there were those that had been hurt by being distant.

BUT GOD! This year has been my year of restoration. God has brought about friendships that I had let lay dormant. My sweetest closest friends have reached out and we have began to make amazing memories again. I feel like a little child discovering her first BFF’s! I have those that have always been constant as they would not let me disappear in the background and yet I get to open new gifts!!!

God has a way of walking us through our seasons. He was the one that I leaned on and learned from. He was my only friend some days, and He taught me the meaning of LOVE.

He taught me how patient that He was with me and how patient others were with me, that He had set aside for ME. I am so blessed by the work He has done!!!

Use your seasons to let the Lord mold you and make you better for those you are to love on. Let Him use the quiet to speak to your heart and bring you new joys you never imagined. God will bring those back into your life if they are meant to be there. If you are seeking HIM first everything will be better than you ever imagined!!

She listened and I learned

Today was a hard one. My father passed suddenly just a few weeks ago and this was my first Father’s Day without him. The last two years on Father’s Day I was lucky enough to travel the 2,000 miles to see him in Tennessee. I was planning a surprise trip this year and then he passed before  I could finalize details.

My heart just broke today. I would think this week that I was over the grieving and then it would hit fresh. While my inner joy will surface, the in the moment is rough.

At church today, singing some of the very songs that I had sung with my dad on my last visit. On that visit, I had the precious moment of holding him as we both cried because he was so sick and we were pleading with the Lord for his health. Our please and cries turned to praise and peace. Today the memory flooding me, it was all too much and I had to leave the building and get away from the songs.

Along came my sweet spirited sister in Jesus. Now normally I would have such an anxiety over showing myself so vulnerable, but she brought such a peace with her !

My friend sat with me and listened to me talk and cry. I shared so much I didn’t even think to share, simply because she listened. She had the sweetest spirit of comfort and assured me in the simplest of ways. She did not talk over me, as I likely would have done, but she waited and smiled. Oh her beautiful smile.

I learned so much from that exchange today. I learned by example to listen lovingly. I learned that a hug can bring the calm, instead of anxiety I often feel when crying. She just waited and I felt so connected to the here and now, and the grief just melted. We were laughing and sharing and I dusted my self off and we went back inside.

The message today….was on connecting with one another. A real connection. God had given me a perfect physical understanding before the message today and it was so sweet.

Thank you my friend, for stepping out, for teaching and loving. The fruit you share, will blossom and spread to others! You are a treasure!!!!