My reason for blogging today has evolved from yesteryear. I went from depression and hiding away, searching for joy,  to a woman who has discovered what fullness of joy means in my life. I went from not knowing my worth to a woman with purpose. I now blog prophetic art (with all my flaws), messages and tidbits of encouragement and lessons learned through this journey we call life.

The reason I started Writing for Joy…

My oldest posts will encourage those that battle depression, looking for joy or an all around need for growth in a season of drought.

I began my own personal journey to finding joy in a blip of our lives that quickly had been turned upside down in so many ways. Chronic illness diagnosis, parents divorce, family deaths, job loss, losing our home and vehicle in the hit of the economy and as if that wasn’t enough raising three teen boys in the midst of it all.  It felt like everything was falling down around us and yet, I wanted to pursue joy.

So I began searching the reason why joy was missing in my life.

Yes circumstances were awful, but that did not need to define my joy.

I found many enlightening discoveries in my journey.

I asked and I sought, and as the Lord opened up my eyes as I saw the areas that were robbing me of joy, that were outside of the circumstances.

My friend once gave me a plaque “Blessed are the joy-makers” This is so true…

I am blessed in my quest to spread  JOY 

I am not a doctor, theologian or english major.

I am an everyday gal, writing what is on my heart hoping to encourage and bless another persons day.

I am Wife of 22 years and a mother to grown men embarking on their new lives as adults. I work with children in many capacities and love every second I spend with them.  Active in our local church in some capacities and love my blogging community.
Introverted to the core, I communicate best through writing, where the world around me is silent and my thoughts have time to unscramble themselves.

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