I am a stay at home (most of the time), homeschooling, writing and photographing mama.

I began my own personal journey to joy in a season where joy was extremely hard to find.

Life is difficult, with many ups and downs.  We all face our own struggles and heartaches.

Each day was bleak, yet I could not let go of the fact that fullness of joy is promised to us in the bible.

So I began searching the reason why joy was missing in my life.

Yes circumstances were awful, but that did not need to define my joy meter.

I found many enlightening discoveries in my journey for joy.

I asked and I sought, and as the Lord opened up my eyes I saw the areas that were robbing my joy daily.

My friend once gave me a plaque “Blessed are the joy-makers” This is so true…

I am blessed in my quest to spread  JOY 

I am not a doctor, theologian or english major.

I am an everyday gal, writing what is on my heart

and what has worked for me.

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One thought on “About

  1. Hi Shaey,
    This is not a public comment, not 1000% urgent.
    I am looking for a referral, and it just dawned on me,
    I’m pretty sure we live in the same state;
    perhaps you could point me in the direction I’m seeking. .
    Are you up for emailing me privately?..
    I will be sure not to take up too much of your time.

    Kind Regards,

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